Why does my phone say cannot get mail

SOLVED: Why does email says cannot get mail - Fixya

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Why does my iphone 4s say " cannot get email not..." :: Ask Me Fast

My iphone keeps giving me a warning cannot get email when it actually is. I have the following voice mail error on my lg g2 " there is a mismatch of application settings. please clear the

Why does my phone keep saying "Can't take screenshot due to..."

My phone randomly lights up and gets really hot out of no where and just has been very weird and then this just didn't know if it was possibly a virus. Also what does 'ROOT' mean that I kept seeing after all of those certificate names?

Why do I keep getting "Password Incorrect" and "Cannot Get Mail...

Google does not say anything because they have no one to talk to. I'm very surprised Google has not has any imput into this thread since 3/22/11.

Why does my phone not ring and it goes straight to magic voice mail

When the incoming calls go directly to voice mail that means your magic jack is not active, do you have it

TS3899 my i phone 5 says "Cannot get mail, The..." / DeskDr.com

Why does my mail keep saying "Cannot get mail".

Why does my Iphone say "server cannot be found..." - Yahoo Answers

Update: do u guys just not read the question?...or are you just that stupid? why are you answering if

why does my phone heeep saying "your call cannot be completed at...

i try to make a phone call and keep getting this message "your call cannot be completed at this time.

Why does my iPhone say "No Service"??? - the DataLounge

OP are you sure that your setting didn't get changed to wifi and that's why it says no service?

Why does my iPad say "cannot connect to server"?

The "Cannot connect to server" message means your iPad lacks Internet access. You may be in an area without Wi-Fi signal, your Wi-Fi may be turned off or you may not have a network enabled.

Why can't I get all my email on my Android phone? - The Tech Guy

Leo says Gmail and Live mail are two different services and that explains why Don isn't getting all his email.

I can't log in to my Instagram account on my phone, but I can... - Quora

Why does my Instagram say to verify my account with my phone number?

Why Does My iPad Say "Cannot Connect to Server"? - Techwalla.com

Although the error does not identify a specific problem, you can troubleshoot problems that may cause connection issues until you find the right solution.

[SOLVED] iphone exchange cannot get mail - Spiceworks

However, I am trying to set the phone up for a different user "Brad" and I get "Cannot Get Mail"

Solved: Why does my phone say no service ? - The EE Community

: Phones and devices. : Apple. : Why does my phone say no service ?

why my phone says can't connect to chat in... - dskims.com

Get error message "Cannot connect to chat right now". Have tried powering off phone. removing battery, everything short of doing a hard reset.

Solved: Cannot access yahoo emails on my android phone - Yahoo...

I cannot get into my yahoo e-mails on my android phone. I get login failed (which I never had to login before!) and then taken to the IMAP that says to check user name and password.

Solved: Why does my phone say att wifi in europe - AT&T Community

Learn how to get the most out of your AT&T Wireless plan features, including voice & data plans, international plans, WiFi, and more.

Why Can't I Get My Email? - Help! - don Says: this sucks !

Leila Junker Says: Why can't i get into my Email????? GuestMarjorie Says: Whenever I try to get

why does my phone say no service-Mobltec Búsqueda

Solved: My phone says "No Service." & when I try to call or text, I get a message that says, "emergency service only."

Solved: My phone is showing SOS only. why is this?

Messages cannot be sent or received, and phone calls cannot be made or received.

How to setup Msn, Hotmail and Live email on android phones

We do get the emails so the account is synced with the phone but something is causing all the

Why does Facebook want my Phone Number? - ThatsNonsense.com

So, seriously, why does Facebook want our phone numbers? Firstly, it is important to know whether a prompt for your phone number is genuine. A number of scams may try and trick you into handing over your phone number. First, if you get a prompt to

Why My Phone Says No Signal ? (Fixed) - Technobezz

This is a problem which is related to the phone and we cannot blame the network in this case.

why does my phone go right to voice mail - T-Mobile Support

This is definitely not the way a phone should function without your say-so. What kind of phone are you using, and how long has it been since you've received an incoming call? How many bars of signal do you have?

Why does email from my iPhone have the wrong... - Ask Dave Taylor

When sending mail from Apple iPhone 3GS my copy says from barber This is incorrect. How can I correct this? Thank you!

Why does my voice mail go to someone else's phone?

When someone calls my phone and I don't pick up, the call goes to another person who has to be annoyed by now. I've never set up call forwarding and have gone through the process of setting up voice mail.

Will I be able to text message with my free government cell phone?

Cannot receive texts on my galaxy prevail I got yesterday. Reply. Free Government Cell Phones says.

Why do I have a voicemail that I cannot listen to on my iPhone?

I called *86 on my phone and was able to listen to the voice mails. Turns out they were important messages and I have since added the number to my contacts. Why is the iPhone not allowing me to access the voicemail?

Why does my phone say this number has been restricted on all my...

why does my phone get on and off..and sometimes it say app has stopped what can i do?

I know my id and password but I can't sign in (yahoo mail) [Solved]

password helper does not help either. I've tried to sign in with yahoo messenger, but it says that the password in incorrect

Why does Bonanza ask for my telephone number, and how does it...

What if your only telephone number is a cell phone? You certainly don't want that number getting into the wrong hands! That's why we want to make clear that there is one reason we require your phone number: to contact you when repeated efforts have failed to resolve a case between you and a buyer...

Why does my Facebook news feed say no posts to show... - Facebook

How do I get my iOS phone or tablet to read the contents of... Why am I seeing related articles below a story in my News Feed?

Why does my email from Facebook, that I forward from my...

Why does this happen? How can you fix it? It's because of the way we are migrating accounts, plus some older behavior designed to protect the mailbox.

TRACFONE Cell Phone LG 306G Why does my phone say

Get the Manual Here. lisa posted an answer 3 years, 1 month ago. 1 Why can't I view my picture messages. My phone says unable to retrieve message.

Why is my phone saying can't send text messages?

And when it does send the message, and I get a response, I don't get the reply until almost an hour AFTER the sender original sent the response.

I forgot my pattern and email! Does anyone know... - Android Forums

Get on a computer, go to google.com, sign in, then I believe if you say you can't remember your

I've found out that my wife is talking to someone she met... - VisiHow

1.4 I need to know how did my girlfriend get a complete history of my text messages? 1.5 I was on a site that claimed they can remotely access text

Why does reading an email with my phone not mark it as read in...

3. Select More mail settings. 4. Under Managing your account, click POP and deleting downloaded messages. 5. Check Do what my other program says-if it says to delete messages

Why do I get "This e-mail message cannot be delivered..." errors?

You should now be back in Outlook 2010 and will no longer see the e-mail message warning. NOTE: This only relates to Outlook 2010 and possibly future versions. Previous versions of Outlook do not display this error.

Why do I keep receiving phone calls from numbers with the first...

I ignore it all the time now but I still get them. I even have an app on my phone that blocks numbers and I have it set to block the first 6 digits, which it does, but it still rings once which is annoying.

How to stop text spam: Why cellphone spam is on the rise and what...

What can you do about infuriating text message spam? Photograph by iStockphoto. Two years ago, I got a text message from a number with a Las Vegas

Why Do They Want My Phone Number? - ABC News

It started with the zip code and now it's moved on to phone numbers," said Chris Hoofnagle of the Electronic Privacy Information Center in San Francisco. "I'm willing to bet that retailers' market research is showing a willingness of customers to share the telephone number, and that's why it's...

Why do some people refuse to use Google Assistant? - AndroidPIT

Why isn't Assistant just the new version of saying Ok Google? That did all of what i needed and did it better. I now live in the US Virgin Islands., according to my phone that is.

How to Email to a Cell Phone: 4 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Why does it arrive in the phone as an attachment, instead of a message? Answer this question Flag as...

Please Do Not Leave A Message: Why Millennials Hate Voice Mail

"When it comes to voice mail, they're just over it," says Jane Buckingham, a trend expert. But it's still important at work, so younger generations will have to learn what to do after the beep.

Apple iPhone Allegedly Won't Send Texts To Android - Business Insider

I had phone calls from friends all through January asking why I'm ignoring their texts. It's absolutely disgusting.

How to Handle That Email or Phone Call You Totally Forgot About

Because I actually do not receive calls on my phone the majority of the time and I have, on occasion, actually

Why Does My Imessage Not Say Delivered? - YouTube

Does anyone did they really get my text, and imessage just doesn't say 'delivered' for some reason? (they are if the message is blue, it an

How can I add my email to my mobile - 123 Reg Support

How do I install mobility with my Windows Phone? How do I setup email on Blackberry?

Email going into Junk Mail folder in Outlook despite turning off Junk Mail

No matter what I would do, her emails would still go into the Junk Email folder. Can anyone recommend additional things to try?

iPhone: Troubleshooting email setup - Workspace... - GoDaddy Help CA

If you've gone through these steps and still can't get your email account to work on your device, please contact

Hotmail not working on iphone wrong password

It says "Cannot Get Mail The user name or password for "Hotmail" is incorrect" and then when I hit OK it says cannot connect to pop3.

Why Does My Phone Say It Has No Service

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Why Does My Phone Say It Has No Service

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