Where in the bible talks about divorce

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...with you the two conclusions I have drawn according to my personal interpretation and talks with various pastor/ministers of the bible.

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Biblical grounds for divorce. 26:42. Abusive relationships are not beyond the redemptive work of God.

What Does the Bible Say About..Adultery?

I would like to know where in the Bible it says that abandonment is also a reason for divorce.

What Does the Bible Say About Divorce and Remarriage?

The Pharisees asked about divorce, but Jesus replied by talking about marriage.

What Does The Bible Say About Divorce And Remarriage?

Summary: This message looks at the major passages in the Bible on this difficult subject.

What the Bible Says About Divorce and Remarriage

In Western society, where divorce is common, Christians need to understand what the Bible teaches about divorce and remarriage.

What Does the Bible Say About Divorce? Biblical Grounds

I just didn't want to talk to him...I really don't know what to do.. I love my two daughters so much...I don't want them to grow up and see that they don't have their parents together

The Bible allows divorce, but not remarriage

This essay describes the second position: that the Bible allows divorce, but forbids divorced people to marry again.

Annulment of a Marriage And the Bible - Divorce Minister

I am talking about the garden-variety civil annulment of a marriage. This is the type where someone is withholding important information in order to get married, for example. Does the Bible support such an annulment or official recognition of an invalid marriage?

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Another false doctrine about divorce is that God allows for divorce only if one of the spouses has committed adultery.

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage in the Quran and in the Bible

...where Jesus (P) boldly answered them (19:4-5), invariably concluding by repudiating divorce

exegesis - Under what conditions does the Bible support divorce?

It seems that Jesus talks out against divorce. But in other places, divorce is allowed. How does this all play out and where does the bible really stand on this?


Dr. Archibald Hart talks about some of the les-sons your children may learn during a divorce process

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One article on what the Bible says about divorce that was enlightening and gave me hope was this

What Does The Bible Say About Divorce?

The Bible talks a lot about divorce because just like today, divorce happened a lot.

What the Bible Says About Divorce and Remarriage

Explains the different types of divorce and the acceptability of remarriage according to the Bible.

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Explicit Divorce Allowances. The Bible only explicitly allows divorce for two reasons.

What does the Bible really say about divorce & remarriage?

So, the goal is to have your viewpoint harmonious with every scripture(OT and NT) in the Bible (in the original languages).

Biblical Reasons For Divorce

Beware God really hates when Christians divorce! Here are the only 3 reasons in the Bible to get a divorce.

What Does the Bible Say About Divorce... - Ask Pastor Lance

So, we have to be careful about using laws for priests (or Levites) when talking about regular divorce issues.

God's Word on Divorce and Remarriage (Part 2 of 2)

Also, abandonment by an unbeliever, we talked about that. What are some other circumstances or are there any other circumstances where the Bible would justify divorce?

What does the Bible say about divorce and remarriage?

Today, I want to talk about divorce!! Divorce: the action or an instance of legally dissolving a marriage.

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What does the Bible say about a pastor or preacher who marries a divorced woman?

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What Does the Bible Say about Divorce? From: Internet Comment Copy link November 8.

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Biblical Grounds for Divorce. At the young age of 21, I was a divorced mother of three small children.

Bible verses about divorce

Divorce Bible verses in the King James Version (KJV) about Divorce.

What The Bible Says About Marriage

One of the familiar verses in the Bible is Matthew 19:6. That passage contains the words of Jesus in regard to marriage.

Divorce: The Big Lie - Divorce is Never Biblical

Nearly every pastor, Bible-teacher and Christian counselor today foolishly teaches that divorce is permissible in the case of adultery.

God's views on divorce and remarriage. Help in finding the correct...

How then can you be certain that that fraction of a percent where your church or Bible teacher is incorrect does not include teaching about divorce?

Does the Bible allow for divorce in the case of adultery?

I don't think the Bible allows divorce and remarriage ever while the spouse is living.

The Bible DOES allow divorce for domestic abuse - A Cry For Justice

I believe the Bible allows divorce for domestic abuse and the key text for this is 1 Corinthians 7:15.

Divorce And Then Remarriage Has ALWAYS Been God's Heart After...

Divorce and remarriage for the Christian has always been a provision by God in the Bible.

what does the bible say about cheating and divorce

What The Bible Says about Divorce and Remarriage. Click here to add your own comments Under what circumstances can a person remarry after a divorce?

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This is why when people break up and divorce, the pain they feel is so excruciating. It feels like flesh is ripping from flesh once you start to pull apart and try to dissolve the marriage union.

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Summary: God and divorce. The Bible tells Christians not to divorce (with two exceptions).

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Now that we know how 1stC Jews thought and spoke, we can understand Jesus better - I have found many minor places where we can understand Jesus better - and I have found

Enduring Word Bible Commentary Mark Chapter 10

Jesus clearly followed up His remarks made earlier in the chapter, where He indicated that God did permit (not command) divorce in the case of sexual immorality.

Divorce and Remarriage: Why Didn't We... - Biblical Research Reports

But nowhere in the Bible does God define divorce as being adultery. There is no definition in any

An age-by-age guide for talking to kids about divorce - Today's Parent

Understanding where kids are at, developmentally, can help you help them adjust to the reality of divorce.

Broken Homes in the Bible by Richard Pratt Jr.

We all know innocent victims of divorce who suffer their entire lives with the pain of loneliness and guilty parties who repent and find peace with God and happiness in another marriage.

Christian Polygamy - Divorced or Put Away?

Isaiah 50:1 (MKJV) "So says Yahweh, "Where is your mother's bill of divorce (keriythuwth H3748), whom I have put away (shalach H7971)?

Appendix 3: Inductive Bible Study

Comment: In the Middle East in ancient times divorce was common and taken for granted.

If Your Christian Spouse Divorces You

Scripture talks quite a bit about divorce and lets us know that God designed marriage as a permanent relationship.

John Piper Answers: Does the Bible Say to Kill Homosexuals?

Then if they are willing to take a few more minutes with us to examine the Bible, we can point them to the very places in the Bible where this becomes plain.

What does the Bible say about Divorce and Remarriage - Grounds for...

What is Speaking in Tongues ( Talking in Tongues / Praying in Tongues ) - GotQuestions.org - Duration: 4:44.


Visit the section that talks about this subject in the link. The Shamoun-Winn Trinity Debate.

Marriage, Divorce, Living Together and the Bible

Expanded Internet Edition - March 1, 1987. Marriage, Divorce, Living Together and the Bible.

Growing a Godly Marriage

Never marry a divorced person unless you are certain he or she obtained a divorce for Scriptural grounds. Have long talks and careful studies about the Bible

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There are multiple instances in the scripture where a grandson is called a son or a son in law is called a son.

Why Did the Lord Allow Men to Have Concubines?

But where these things were taken to excess, the Lord issued warnings. See Genesis 6:1-2 for instance.

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We know Jesus must be talking about motives here because Scripture never contradicts Scripture.

Divorce and remarriage

61 Jay E. Adams, Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage in the Bible, Grand Rapids, 1980, pp. 60-69.


In every period of revival and renewal in the church, the Bible was central.

Would Jesus Discriminate? - The early church welcomed a gay man

But Acts 8 is not the only place where the Bible talks about eunuchs.

Bible Verses on Abuse & Violence

Where not otherwise stated, all quotations have been taken from the King James Version of the Bible.

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America: Where does America fit into the prophecies of the end times? Apostle John: Does the Bible say that the Apostle John would not die before the Lord's return?