War communism in russia involved all of the following except

War Communism in Russia involved all of the following, except...

War Communism in Russia didn't involve the takeover of homes for peasants and city workers. It did, however, involve everything else.

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During the Russian civil war, the Communist state took over control of _. a. factories c. mines b. banks d. all of the above.

The renaissance was all of the following except A. an urban society.

4. By the end of the civil war in 1921 lenin and the bolsheviks had transformed russia into a(n)


1085. All of the following apply to the War of Devolution (First Dutch War) EXCEPT.

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By the late 1930s the world pondered the spectre of a future war involving two rapidly industrialising dictatorships: Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia.

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War Communism was introduced by Lenin to combat the economic problems brought on by the civil war in Russia. It was a combination of emergency measures and socialist dogma. One of the first measures of War Communism was the nationalisation of land .

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...they were threatened by death and imprisonment if they disregarded it C)propaganda had completely brainwashed everyone D)Communism was spreading to other parts of the world with great success 9. World War I resulted in all of the following EXCEPT _____.


. . . . Unfortunately, any deep down discussion of Communism and Marxism involves the Jewish

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HUNGARY Jewish preponderance in communism was evident outside of Russia and first became obvious during the short-lived

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War communism or military communism (Russian: Военный коммунизм, voyenny kommunizm) was the economic and political system that existed in Soviet Russia during the Russian Civil War from 1918 to 1921.

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Who was involved in the CIVIL war? The reds (bolsheviks) vs the whites made up of: Monarchists and Conservatives .

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To establish communism in Russia, the communist leaders of the country left no stone unturned.

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As I transcribed the following booklet by George Pitt-Rivers, which was published in 1920 - during WWI and shortly following the Russian Revolution - I felt

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Following this Capitalism and communism have the following opposing sets of ideas

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It follows that except as such policies may ultimately protect our own security, we have no primary interest as

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Communism in China followed a similar trajectory, relying on a particularly charismatic individual, in this case Mao Zedong. Like Lenin, Mao was born to a wealthy family in 1893, but became involved in revolutionary politics while at university in the 1910s.

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The reorganization of China under communism included all of the following except.

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In the 1940s, questions about communism in the Gallup polls revolved around the following issues

World War I (1)

Evidence that labor played a key role during World War I may be supported by all of the following EXCEPT?

World War

___ 34. Trench warfare involved all of the following EXCEPT one . . .

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Communism vs. Fascism. The end of World War I brought sweeping changes to the old world order.

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It runs in part as follows: "The Russian Revolu­ tionary Party of America has evidently resumed its

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Russia: War Communism. Lenin did not favour moving toward a socialist economy after October, because the Bolsheviks lacked the necessary economic skills.

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This would be followed by a withering away of the state and the emergence of communism.


1. To ensure that Russia would join the war against Japan in 1945, FDR: A. threatened to use the atomic bomb on Russian targets B

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The practical imposition of Communist power throughout Russia is a harder task, but Lenin seems to relish the prospect of using the techniques of a police state

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This was done to meet the challenge of imperialist intervention and the civil war in Russia.

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When the French were thrown out of Vietnam following World War II, the region ended up becoming two nations.

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The following estimates represent citizens killed or starved to death by their own Communist

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If you're talking about the Cold War, the USA was always the enemy of the Soviet Union except when they needed them to win World War Two.

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The Russian population doubted the government and the whole war-idea. It were the mounting military defeats, people publicly complaining about political decisions, the food shortage, rising prices and fuel shortage that in the end caused the Russian Revolution, and made Russia a communistic land.

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The Communist Manifesto, one such document, tells how Communism sprouted, explains the role of Communists, attacks other forms of

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The degeneration of the Russian Revolution and, following it, the international Communist movement, was a long, drawn-out process.

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The great war plan, preparations, collapse, and recovery - a revised view. The history of Russia in World War 2 is still being revised.

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War Communism Russia. Dr. Kalpana Chawla, the first Indian American astronaut and first Indian born woman in space is perhaps Tagore Baal Niketan's most famous alumni.

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At the end of the Second World War the working relationship that the USA, Britain, and Russia had maintained was coming to an end.

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After the revolution Russia was the scene of a bloody three-year civil war between Communists and supporters of the tsar.

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Correct Response secure warm-water ports spread the Russian Orthodox religion spread communism into Europe avenge defeats in earlier wars View Feedback Question 4 1 / 1 point.

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Peter still lacked a secure northern seaport except at Archangel on the White Sea, whose harbor

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Following World War I, the victors created nearly a dozen new nations in Eastern Europe.

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The technique was the same as that used against Schweitzer except that Marx and Engels charged Bakunin with being an agent of the Russian Czar.

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War communism or military communism (Russian: Военный коммунизм, 1918 - 1921) was the economic and political system that existed in the Soviet Russia during the Russian Civil War, from 1918 to 1921.

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For most of the following century, Western industrial corporations were only slightly less culpable than their Communist bureau-cratic equivalents in their


Analyze the constitutional issues involved in the war and explore the legacy of the Vietnam war.

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The Vietnam War, like any other war, was extremely ugly. But unlike other wars, there were many soldiers involved in the fighting who opposed it.

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It is not in Russia, except as a fulcrum for Wall Street; Russia is finished; it is in New York."

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Why Russia isn't socialist I: Russian capitalism II: The October Revolution and the Russian economy III: Isolation and defeat for the Russian proletariat IV: The Stalinist counter-revolution V: Socialism and state capitalism VI: Socialism and Small Production VII: The false «communism» of the kolkhos VIII...

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War Communism included forced seizure of grain, nationalization of all trade and industry and strict control of labour.

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Some writers have used Communism in the same sense, as is shown in Chapters 2, 3 and 6. Much

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Okay, explain how the lives of the majority of people in Russia would have been improved under Nazi occupation than under Communism.

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War communism or military communism (Russian: Военный коммунизм, voyenny kommunizm) was the economic and political system that existed in Soviet Russia during the Russian Civil War from 1918 to 1921.

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The Collapse of Communism & the USSR by Jeff Weichel 3812 views. Eastern Europe After the Cold War by laurleih 8972 views. Share SlideShare.

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Even today events in Russia continue to haunt world politics, like some Banquo's ghost that continually overshadows the festivities of the capitalist class.

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"Utin was followed by a great number of Jews including Mark Natanson, the founder of the Russian

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1. Identify and discuss the causes of the Russian Revolution 2. Discuss and explain the effects of the revolution and communism on Russia.

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...over, the Cold War has ended peacefully much to everyone's surprise, and the future looks bright for all involved.

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Obviously it is not desirable that a government department should have any power of censorship (except security censorship, which no one objects to in war time) over books which are

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Follow the procedures set up by the Regional Information Center, the Large City Scanning Center, and/or the school district for scoring the multiple-choice questions.

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Is it possible for world communism to succeed without the active participation of the mass of workers in the advanced countries of Western Europe and North America?

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About 1.2 million Austrians served in all branches of the German armed forces during World War 2. ... because they were trying to expand communism throughout the

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It runs in part as follows: "The Russian Revolu­ tionary Party of America has evidently resumed its

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3 The Civil War 68 The Civil War, the Red Army and the Cheka War Communism 78 Visions of the

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For example, Yugoslavia descended into a bloody inter-ethnic war, while Russia had to deal with Boris Yeltsin

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To catalog all of the Judaic Communist involved in crimes would require hundreds of pages.

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While there were many factors that contributed to the downfall of Communism in the Soviet Union, the main

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National communism has arisen in situations where uncertainty has existed in regard to one or more of the following questions of communist theory

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Because of this, communism in Russia failed. Communism works in theory, but it has yet to be proven. No country that has established a communistic government except us Smurfs.

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Considered in ideological terms there was little to distinguish the 'breathing space' (April-May 1918) from the war communism that followed."

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It is plain that Russia, both as a force in its own right and as a center for the world communist movement

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The threat to Britain from states such as Russia and North Korea is greater than that posed by