Did the houston oilers ever go to the super bowl

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Studley was actually a defensive coordinator for two Super Bowl teams, and was Bill Walsh's choice

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The Titans would go on to lose their home Divisonal playoff game to the eventual Super Bowl

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DB Ken Houston, Washington Redskins/Houston Oilers. S Larry Wilson, St. Louis Cardinals. Honorable mention: CB Jimmy Johnson, San Francisco 49ers.

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The Oilers would go on to finish with a 10-4 record, easily winning the Eastern Division, as Lou Rymkus earns Coach of the Year honors. In the first ever AFL Championship Game, the Oilers defeat the Chargers 24-16 before 32,000 at Jeppesen Stadium.

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Similarly, the city of Houston is shut out over two teams -- Houston Oilers and Houston Texans -- but the team that was the Oilers went on to the Super Bowl as

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During the period from 1997 to 2001, the Oilers made plans to exit Houston, and went to Nashville; that was in 1997.

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"I've never rooted for the Houston Oilers in all my life and I didn't think I ever would," Cowboys

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Houston reached the AFC Championship Game two straight years, but could not get past the Pittsburgh Steelers, winners of four Super Bowls in six seasons between 1974 and 1979.

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Steve Largent in training camp with the Houston Oilers. - Carlos Junior via YouTube.

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The Oilers left Houston for Nashville because the city of Houston did the right thing and refused to

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''I could have played two weeks ago and now it's going to be four weeks when I could have been doing something,'' Marshall said.

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...Moments in Super Bowl History Sexiest Super Bowl Ads Ever The Top QB Performances.

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They are the only bison to ever appear in a Peanuts cartoon. Unlike the other AFL teams featured in

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Despite getting the then-largest ever contract deal for a rookie defensive lineman, he was let go by the Houston Oilers after he attempted to also play for the World Football

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Earl Campbell, the Hall of Fame running back for the Houston Oilers starting in 1978, was involved with the first Sober Bowl.

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However, they have never won a Super Bowl with the classic uniforms so maybe it was a good thing for the team.

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And win they did! After the 2-3-0 start, the 1980 Raiders went on to win 12 of their next 14 games to end up in New Orleans in January for Super Bowl XV. Included were three postseason wins - 27-7 over the Houston Oilers in the wild card game in the Oakland Coliseum...

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Adams legacy in Houston, however, exceeded anything he ever accomplished from the owner's box.

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The absolute nadir was losing to the severely outmanned North Carolina State team of Jim Valvano in 1983, probably the biggest final game upset ever.

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...in their 30s, who probably went to a large state school like the one in town, who fought with friends over who got to play as the Houston Oilers, who settled

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I am thoroughly convinced, that by the end of the upcoming NFL season, they will have participated in 5, with number 5 being Super Bowl 51 in Houston Texas, where Andrew Luck played his high school football, and where his father played his entire NFL career for the Houston Oilers.

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"We have a lot of fun," Reich said at the Super Bowl LII Opening Night event at the Xcel Energy Center.

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Houston Live: This portion of Super Bowl LIVE is the first-ever locally focused zone.

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"I talked to him and I said you should do something about the Bills, the four years in a row we went

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Although other leagues had come and gone, the eight-team American Football League (AFL) gained fan interest unlike any alternative league before it.

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Although today's Rose Bowl is the first ever to go into overtime, it's not the first game to be tied at the end of regulation.

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...division rivals: the Buffalo Bills and the Houston Oilers. by sinking two British cruisers with all hands off the southern coast of Chile, Nov 24, 2014 Did

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6. Warren Moon, Houston Oilers: For now, the Hall of Famer is in the Top 10 in several passing categories, and he did that in a run-heavy era.

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(6) OAKLAND RAIDERS (3-3) (Includes 1968 Western Division playoff victory over the Chiefs, 1969 Wildcard victory over the Oilers and Super Bowl II loss.)

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Besides those two, the only other Super Bowl venue that was not the home stadium to an NFL team at the time was Rice Stadium in Houston: the Houston Oilers had played there previously, but moved to the Astrodome several years prior to Super Bowl VIII.

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Two years later, when the Houston Oilers announced they were moving to Tennessee, now that hurt.

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Lost in the NFC Championship. Tennessee Titans (Houston Oilers / AFL). 1965. 5-0. 4-10.

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Cincinnati has just kicked a go-ahead field goal to take a three-point lead with three minutes left in SuperBowl XXIII.

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1974: With another AFC Central championship the Steelers went on to win their first Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated events of the year in America, and it's estimated that over 108.4 million people will watch it in 2014.

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The gold standard of this millennium, the Patriots show what a dominant decade can do to the overall view of your franchise.

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Although he did not win a Super Bowl He started the k gun and made it to 4 super Bowls in a row.

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If not, the opportunity goes to the Oakland Raiders...and, boy, do they want out of the Bay in the worst way.

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The Bills first defeated the Houston Oilers, 41–38 in overtime, in what became known as "The Comeback." Nothing seemed to go right for the Bills in the first half.

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With many teams from the west and south (like the Los Angeles Chargers, Houston Oilers and Kansas City Chiefs), the AFL

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Before winning Super Bowl X and becoming the third franchise to go back-to-back, the 1975 Steelers finished 12-2 to win the AFC Central Division, and they were

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Super Bowl Halftime producer Ricky Kirshner proudly is not on social media and even admits to still using a flip-phone.

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The Super Bowl is typically four hours long. The game itself takes about three and ...

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The Superdome officially opened on August 6, 1975 for a preseason NFL game between the home team New Orleans Saints and the Houston Oilers.

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Houston: The Houston Rockets lifted back-to-back championship trophies in 1994 and 1995, when the beastly Hakeem Olajuwon led Clutch City to two

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In 1964 the Arkansas Razorbacks were the only team to go through a regular season and a bowl game undefeated.

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It wasn't quite the record, but Lady Gaga came very close to dethroning Super Bowl halftime show queen Katy Perry last night in Houston.

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Not only did he never play in the Super Bowl, but he never even went to the playoffs.

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The "Oilers" left Houston with their tails between their legs...as they put upon themselves....by their own doing. Harsh...Nahh!

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As far as Super Bowl games go, Super Bowl XLVII between the Baltimore Ravens and San

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We thought we had it won.Uwe von Schamann: I dont think Id ever tried an onside before in a game.

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Nothing does but I doubt any of us will care in thirty years. Og nar I morgen far ojne, og natten hviler sig Skal vi for

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...the Atlanta Falcons choking in Super Bowl XLI or Bill Bucker missing a slow grounder up the