Application for miscellaneous services on indian passports

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Government of India Ministry of External Affairs Application for Miscellaneous Services on Indian. Passports.

Form No. 2

Application form for miscellaneous services on indian passport.

Indian Application for Miscellaneous Services on Indian Passports...

Form (No.2) Government of India Ministry of External Affairs Paste your recent colour photograph Application for Miscellaneous Services on Indian Size: 3.5 X 3.5 cm Passports (For use in India) Signature OR Thumb Impression.

Application Form for Miscellaneous Services on Indian Passports

Applicant must paste (35 × 45 mm) one photograph here with half the signature on the photobgraph and half on the application.

Consulate general of india

Application for miscellaneous services. Please specify the service applied

Application form miscellaneous services on

Embassy of india, moscow. Application form miscellaneous services on indian passports.

Application Form For Miscellaneous Services

5. Is applicant registered with the Indian Mission/Post ? If not is he a member of any Indian Organisation ? Give details.

Application form for miscellaneous services on indian passport

5. Is applicant registered with the Indian Mission/Post? If not is he a member of any Organisation? Give details.

For Applicants To Fill

APPLICATION FOR MISCELLANEOUS SERVICES ON INDIAN PASSPORTS (Please Use Typewriting or Black Ink Pen with Clear Handwriting and Block Letters).


Application form for miscellaneous services on an indian passport.

Consulate General of India

Application for miscellaneous services. Paste applicant recent photo.

Embassy of India, Riyadh - Miscellaneous Services

Indian Passport and Visa Application Centres. Consular Tours for Passport and Attestation Services. List of Huroob passports.


Application for miscellaneous services. (IT is an offence under the indian passport act of 1967 to deliberately furnish false information or suppress information).

What are the various passport services and which form has to be...

Background Verification for GEP: Miscellaneous Passport Service to conduct vetting of the Passport and Police/Criminality check for Indian

Embassy of India, Kyiv, Ukraine - Passport & Consular Services

Objective of the Scheme: The Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) is aimed at providing the following services on a means tested basis in the most deserving cases


Application form for miscellaneous services on indian passports. (For use in Indian Mission/Post) (a) PCC (b) Any Other Service (Specify).

Download Passport Application Form-2(Form-II) - Passport Forms

Form (No.2) Government of India Ministry of External Affairs Application for Miscellaneous Services on Indian Passports (For use in India) Signature OR Thumb Impression Please read the instructions carefully before filling the form.

FAQs on Passport Services

You are required send/submit a letter mentioning the purpose for which Birth Certificate required, your Indian passport and dully filled in Application Form for Miscellaneous Passport Services. (It can be downloaded from the website

How to make changes to OCI - Using OCI Misc Services Online

Using OCI Miscellaneous Services On-line. OCI Miscellaneous Services can be availed by filling, and submitting the required application online and sending one hard copy of the application form to the concerned Indian Mission/Post/Office in whose jurisdiction the applicant is resident.

Consular : Passport and Miscellaneous Services

Indian passports are normally issued for a period of 10 years. The passport can be renewed any time one year

FAQs on Passport Services

Please bring your Indian passport. You will be given an affidavit form which you are supposed to fill up and sign before us. Your signature will then be attested by the Consulate.

BLS International Passport Services - UAE

...the latest information and Guidelines on the Passport Application procedures involved in making the application for an Indian Passport from UAE.

Indian Passport Extra Pages Application

Fee schedule for Miscellaneous Services on Indian Passport *US$ 6/- will be charged extra for all the above services if your current passport is

Embassy of India, The Hague, The Netherlands : Attestation of Copy of...

Attestation of Copy of Indian Passport or any Other Miscellaneous Certificate(s) based on Indian Passport.

Passport and miscellaneous services

List of Passport and Miscellaneous Services. Advisory for Indian Passport Holders.

Embassy Of India, Warsaw, Poland and Lithuania : Consular Passport...

Online Passport Application form completely filled in on internet at Indian passport along with self-attested first and last pages of passport.

Instructions for renewal of passports :: Consulate General of India...

Miscellaneous Services. Aadhar Card/ Permanent Account Number (PAN) -Income Tax. Affidavit For Child's Passport To Be Issued In India.

How to Change your Appearance on your Indian Passport ? (7 steps)

Get hold of miscellaneous application form (Form No.2, for Miscellaneous Services).

Miscellaneous services on passports

Miscellaneous services on passports. CHANGE OF ADDRESS (involving issue of New Passport). 1. Click here to download Application form.

CKGS USA - Passport - Get Started?tatkal=1 - Applicant Details

It is absolutely necessary to use your Recent Original Indian Passport details whilst filling your Passport Application.

Instructions for filling OCI Miscellaneous Services application

If the old passport is not returned by the concerned authorities while issuing new passport and

Consulate General of India, Milan, Italy : Expiring/Expired Passport

Renunciation of Indian Citizenship/Surrender of Indian Passport. Other Services.

Miscellaneous services on indian passports

(One pasted on application). 5. An affidavit that the applicant remains an Indian citizen (click here to download). B) lost/damged passport passports.

How to apply for Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) and...

Apply online Indian VISA and Passport with BLS International Services get assure to get visa in time. If Singapore citizens are looking to travel India then need for Indian visa.

OCI/PIO - Embassy of India - Oslo, Norway - Norwegian Passport.

Government of India, has decided to extend the date for submission of the application for

Application Forms/Formats :: Consulate General of India in Birmingham

Public advisory on phasing out of handwritten passports. Renunciation/Surrender of Indian Passports.

What is a Passport & How to Apply Passport Application Online, India

6. Lost passport. c. Miscellaneous Service. Other Misc. Services apart from above 2 services is Police Clearance Certificate (PCC).

Visa application form

Applications sent through Certified mail may take 2-3 weeks for processing and return of the passports after grant of visa.

Welcome to Consulate General of India, Vancouver, BC, Canada

4. Penalty for obtaining any miscellaneous passport service (name change, etc.) on Indian Passport after acquiring Canadian citizenship is C$ 343 for each such service.

Consulate General of India, Toronto : OCI Application Procedure

Note: Applicant can provide his/her latest Indian passport that was held prior to acquiring Canadian or Foreign citizenship.

For Indian Visitors to Thailand - Embassy of India, Bangkok - Thailand

Fee for Visa to India, for Indian Passport and all other Consular Services.

Timings & Fees for Passport and Consular Services - The Embassy of...

Timings. Applications for all passport/consular services (like issue of new/duplicate passports, renewals and miscellaneous services on passport, attestation of

FAQs on Overseas Citizenship of India Card

Application may be made using the Miscellaneous Services Form along with a photo-copy of the nationality certificate, copy of German Passport and copy of the Indian. passport that has already been surrendered. In case the original Indian passport is with the applicant...

Miscellaneous Consular services

Important Notice : Miscellaneous Consular Service will be provided by the VFS Global w.ef. 15-7-2014. Application for any Misc Consular services (except

Frequently asked questions

All other miscellaneous services on ordinary passports where only an endorsement on the passport is required, will be charged separately as per the prescribed fee. EXCEPTION: - In the case of replacement of lost or damaged passport, involving issue of a new passport booklet...

Passport Status - Passport Application Status

If you have applied for an Indian passport, you can check your passport application status here.

Online Passport Application Fees - Know About Indian Passport Fees

The POPSK will provide all-passport related services, such as, application receipts, verification of documents, collection of fee from applicants, and facilitating further processing

Immigration - Lost Indian Passport

CKGS has been awarded the contract for Indian Passport Application Services for the Embassy of India and its Consulates in USA with effect 5 May, 2016.

Welcome to High Commission of India, Islamabad, Pakistan

General information for Indian passport applicants: 1. Application for renewal of passport...

India Visa Information-Bahrain-Passport Services

Renewal of Passport. Birth Registration. Miscellaneous Passport Services; and.

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Application for Miscellaneous Services on Indian Passport It must not be altered or mutilated in any way. If lost or destroyed, the fact ... send fax at 212-570-9581 or e-mail at

Embassy of India, Copenhagen, Denmark : Forms - Passport Forms

Miscellaneous Services: Application Form for Miscellaneous Services on Indian Passports. Affidavit for Change of Maiden Name.

Vfs global india oci uk

VFS / Embassy of India, Belgium will not be responsible for any Indian origin applicants/Childrens, wishing to travel to India who are not in possession of OCI

Surrender of Indian Passport

3. Indian citizens residing in India and abroad and holding handwritten passports as well as 20-year passports with validity beyond the 24th

Passport Application Form For India

Passport Application Form - (to be filled in online, please read the instructions in the form) Miscellaneous Consular Services related to the Indian Passports

AIR India customer data privacy policy - Miscellaneous

Further, in certain cases, part of Air India services require the customers to voluntarily share their preferences and options to avail additional services that involve third

New rules to apply for an Indian passport announced

(vii) In case of children not born out of wedlock, the applicant for the passport of such children should submit only Annexure G while submitting the passport application. DO SEE 5 cheapest countries to visit on an Indian passport.

passport india application_doc

Application form for miscellaneous consular services. ... Copy of Passport/OCI Card

How to upload your supporting documents for your UK visa application.

The documents may be sent before your application, passport and biometric data are submitted.

About Us - 24 Hour Visa Online Application - Express Visa...

Travisa offers 24-hour express service for visas and passports for US citizens. Click here to learn more about us.

Online Visa Application Form for Russia

The total additional fees for these services (including U.S. government expediting fees) are $222.00 for passport pages and $250.00 for passport renewals.

Passport Renewal Application Form. Ds Form Passport Renewal...

Requirements For Passport New Renewal And Replacement. Ds Application For Passport Renewal By Mail.

AIR India customer data privacy policy - Miscellaneous

Further, in certain cases, part of Air India services require the customers to voluntarily share their preferences and options to avail additional services that involve third

Steps for US passport renewal in India - - PaisaWiki

The US passport renewal services in India offers the provision of US passport renewal for minors as well.

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Document Delivery. Your Passport / Travel Visa is delivered via secure courier service.

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International Visa Service provides QUICK SERVICE for documentation from all over the world. This service is efficient and cost effective.

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passport 24 Apr 2014 A step-by-step guide to filling out the Indian visa application form. us. in.

Adult Abroad Simplified Renewal Passport Application

Your application will not be processed if you fail to complete all of the required sections of this form and/or refuse to consent to the exchange or disclosure of any personal information required for the delivery of passport services.

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All Applicant's/Representative are invited to visit VFS Visa Application Center for submission of visa documents and National visa: VFS helpline 022-67866013. a) Valid passport in original 11 Feb 2015 I had

Citizenship by investment programs worldwide - Passports.IO

- Main applicant must be 18 years old or older. - Main applicant must prove that has enough funds to make the required investment, and prove the

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All Applicant's/Representative are invited to visit VFS Visa Application Center for submission of visa documents and National visa: VFS helpline 022-67866013.

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The SMS services, once purchased, will be available to the visa applicant from the time of application until the completion of processing of the application, or such other period as VFS Global may advise via our website located at http...

Indian VISA Requirements - Visa for India from Austria

Applicants from Austria can submit their visa applications to BLS International - Austria Indian Visa Application Center to travel to India.